[Shiradashi-no-col] Sunrise seen from the ridgeline of Hotaka mountains.

Shiradashi-no-col is a saddle located in the southern part of the North Alps of Japan, almost in the center of the Hotaka mountain range.

Photo 1: Mt. Oku-hotaka (left) and Mt. Karasawa (right) seen from the peak called “Byobu-no-mimi”. The place of the red circle is Shiradashi-no-col. (2000/8/22)

Photo 2: Overlooking Shiradashi-no-col from Mt. Karasawa. The building with red roof is a mountain lodge, and the large rock mass behind the lodge is Mt. Oku-hotaka. (2017/8/29)

Photo 3: Karasawa cirque just before sunrise. The view of the mountains from Karasawa is beautiful, but the view from Shiradashi-no-col is more impressive. (2016/9/30)

Photo 4: The moment of sunrise. The terrace of Hotakadake Sanso is dyed red. Please enjoy the spherical panoramic photos of this time in the following article. (2016/9/30)

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Where the mountain lodge closest to Mt. Oku-hotaka is located.

There are several mountain trails leading to Mt. Oku-hotaka, the third highest peak in Japan. However, the most common route is from Karasawa to a rocky ridge called Seitengrad.

The ridgeline that has been climbed is Shiradashi-no-col, and its altitude is 2,996m. On the east side, you can see the valley created by the glacier called Karasawa, and on the west side, you can see Mt. Kasa-ga-take.

There is a mountain lodge called Hotakadake Sanso in Shiradashi-no-col, and it takes about 50 minutes from here to the summit of Mt. Oku-hotaka. If you go in the opposite direction, you will cross Mt. Karasawa and reach Mt. Kita-hotaka.

This area is one of the most wonderful place in Japan where you can enjoy walking along the ridgeline. You can see the spectacular view taken at the summit of Mt.Oku-hotaka on this page.

*The following two spherical panoramic photos can be viewed on a wider screen by clicking or tapping “THETA” at the bottom left of the photo.

この写真は、Webサイト『絶景360』の一部です。『絶景360』は、こちら(からご覧いただけます。 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Spherical panoramic photo of the sunrise from Shiradashi-no-col. (2016/9/30)

この写真は、Webサイト『絶景360』の一部です。日本語版は、こちら(からご覧いただけます。 This photo is part of the website “”. English version URL is – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Spherical panoramic photo of the sunrise from Shiradashi-no-col. (With mountain name)

Mountain area

Southern part of Japan North Alps.

How to access to Shiradashi-no-col

(1) It is common to enter from Kami-kouchi, stay overnight at Yokoo or Karasawa, and reach there in a day and a half.
(2) Entering from Kami-kouchi, staying overnight at Dakesawa Hut, and crossing Tsurione Ridge and Mt. Oku-hotaka to Shiradashi-no-col is a little long and difficult.
(3) The route to climb from Shin-hotaka Onsen in one day requires time and physical strength.

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上高地写真1[Kami-kouchi] Japan’s leading mountain resort and one of the main entrances to North Alps.

Mt. Oku-hotaka.[Oku-hotaka] A perfect view at the highest peak of North Alps.

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