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North Alps of Japan

[Mt. Yari] A spectacular view of the Northern Alps at the summit of spear.
[Shiradashi-no-col] Sunrise seen from the ridgeline of Hotaka mountains.
[Oku-hotaka-dake] A perfect view at the highest peak of North Alps.
[Mae-hotaka-dake] Superb view from the most stylish mountain in the Hotaka mountain range.
[Kami-kouchi] Japan’s leading mountain resort and one of the main entrances to North Alps.

South Alps of Japan

[Mt. Kaikoma] A very cool mountain in the Southern Alps of Japan
[Senjo-ga-take] At the summit called the Queen of South Alps.

Central Japan

[Mt. Fuji] A panoramic photo of the highest point in Japan and a spectacular view of the sunrise.
[Mt. Houei] A huge crater at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji and a superb view from its edge.

Kanto region

[Mt. Kumotori] A wonderful view from the highest point in Tokyo.
[Mt. Ko-kumotori] Enjoy the healing mountaintop space surrounded by trees.
[Mt. Nanatsuishi] Overlooking Mt. Kumotori and Ishione from the popular peak in Okutama.
[Mt. Jinba] Climb easily and enjoy the spectacular view at the open summit.
[Mt. Takao] A world record mountain with an altitude of 599m listed in the Michelin Guide.

Note 1: yama, san, zan, take, and dake attached after the mountain name are words meaning “Mt.” in Japanese. Therefore, “Fuji-san” and “Mt.Fuji” are the same. Also, it is often written as “Mt. Takao” or “Mt.Okuhotakadake”.

Note 2: As a general rule, mountains are listed from north to south within each area. However, it is irregular when the mountain ridge changes. The mountains on the border of the area are in the north or east area.

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