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Yari-ga-take in evening.Photo 1: Yari-ga-take in the evening seen from near the Suisyo-goya hut. Kita-kama ridge extends to the left, and Hotaka mountains on the right (2019/8/7)

ブログ 絶景ハンターサムネイル画像2Photo 2: The silhouette of Mt. Fuji in the evening, seen from the summit of Hiru-ga-take, the highest peak in Tanzawa. (2001/11/23)

ブログ 絶景ハンターサムネイル画像3Photo 3: Mt.Tsurugi in the evening seen from the front of Tsurugi-gozen Hut. Mt.Shirouma can be seen over the sea of clouds. (2018/10/3)

Mount Everest and LhotsePhoto 4: Mount Everest (left) and Lhotse (right) in the evening light seen from Tamboche, Nepal. (2001/4/18)

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I want to travel the world to encounter spectacular views.

The Japanese word “zekkei” means superb view. For example, great landscapes, beautiful moments of nature, and the like.

I love zekkei. I also like traveling, and its main purpose is to encounter magnificent scenery. However, the spectacular view is not always seen when you go there.

The view from Mt.Oku-hotaka is posted on this page. Mt.Oku-hotaka is the highest mountain in North Alps of Japan and the third highest mountain in Japan. And it is popular among Japanese climbers.

I have been to the summit of Mt.Oku-hotaka three times. However, the first and second times were covered in fog and I couldn’t see 10 meters away. The third time I was able to see wonderful landscape.

The details at that time are written on this page.

I would like to continue my journey to meet the spectacular scenery. I want to travel not only in Japan but also abroad after COVID-19. And I hope to take fantastic landscape photos, spherical panoramic photos and videos and post them on this website.

And I’d like to say in self-introduce, “I’m a zekkei hunter.”

By the way, the pronunciation of “zekkei” is not [zecki:]. If you say like this, most Japanese won’t be able to understand it. Probably, if you pronounce like “zec-K”, it will be closer to Japanese pronunciation.

see you. Shimo-san

しもさん1[blog] Please call me “Shimo-san”.

上高地写真1[Kami-kouchi] Japan’s leading mountain resort and one of the main entrances to North Alps.

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