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Note 1: This privacy policy is an automatic translation of the privacy policy posted on the Japanese version of If the content is inaccurate, the original Japanese version will be given priority and applied.

Note 2: is produced in Japan and is provided by a server in Japan. Therefore, if something goes wrong, Japanese laws and rules will apply.


Studio Entrata will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information and other norms, and will protect the personal information of our service users.

Acquisition and purpose of use of personal information

The website “” may ask you to enter personal information such as your name and email address when making inquiries or commenting on articles. The acquired personal information will be used when responding to inquiries and making necessary communications. We will not use it for any other purpose.

We do not disclose or provide personal information obtained from users of this site to third parties. However, if requested by a public office such as the police or a court, or if the law applies, we may disclose it to that extent.

About comments

IP addresses are automatically collected when you leave comments on articles on this site. This is part of the functionality of the site management program. This IP address will not be used except for measures against spam and nuisance, and when requested by public offices such as police and courts.

Please note that the comment function may be stopped to prevent spam and nuisance. In addition, all comments will be published after the administrator confirms and approves the contents in advance.

About access analysis tool

This site uses the access analysis tool “Google Analytics” by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data. Traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable.

The WordPress plugin (Jetpack) also counts the number of accesses for each page. The information collected by these software is subject to the terms of each software.

About advertising

This site uses the third-party advertising service “Google Adsense” and uses cookies to display advertisements according to the user’s interests. Cookies allow us to identify the computer of a site visitor, but they do not identify the individual visitor.

Cookies can be disabled. For more information on how to do this and Google Adsense, see Privacy & Terms – Google.


Studio Entrata and its administrator, Akira Shimojima, are not responsible for the information, services, etc. provided on the site moved from this site by links or banners.

The main purpose of this site is to enjoy landscape photography online. The content on this site is based on the information at the time of posting. We strive to provide as accurate information as possible, but we do not guarantee its accuracy or safety.

The situation changes frequently, especially when climbing or traveling. Mountain lodges are generally closed in winter, and mountain trails may be closed due to natural disasters. The course time is described with reference to mountain climbing maps, guidebooks, local guide signs, etc., but the actual time will vary depending on the physical strength of the individual and the conditions of the mountain trail. Also, the course time does not include breaks.

Please be sure to prepare yourself and act at your own risk. Please note that we and the administrator are not responsible for any damages caused by the information posted on this site.

How to inquire about personal information etc.

Please contact us using the contact form on this site or E-mail (

About copyright and links, please see this page.

Studio Entrata, Administrator Akira Shimojima

First Edition: December 18, 2020
Revised edition: December 16, 2021

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