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[Fuji-san] Coming soon

[Houei-zan] Coming soon

[Jinba-san] Coming soon

[Mt. Kaikoma] A very cool mountain in the Southern Alps of Japan
[Kami-kouchi] Japan’s leading mountain resort and one of the main entrances to North Alps.
[Ko-kumotori-yama] Coming soon
[Kumotori-yama] Coming soon

[Mae-hotaka-dake] Superb view from the most stylish mountain in the Hotaka mountain range.

[Nanatsuishi-yama] Coming soon

[Oku-hotaka-dake] A perfect view at the highest peak of North Alps.

[Senjo-ga-take] At the summit called the Queen of South Alps.
[Shiradashi-no-col] Sunrise seen from the ridgeline of Hotaka mountains.

[Takao-san] Coming soon

Note: yama, san, zan, take, and dake attached after the mountain name are words meaning “Mt.” in Japanese. Therefore, “Fuji-san” and “Mt.Fuji” are the same. Also, it is often written as “Mt. Takao” or “Mt.Okuhotakadake”.

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