[Senjo-ga-take] At the summit called the Queen of South Alps.

仙丈ケ岳タイトルのサムネイルMt.Senjo-ga-take is one of the 100 mountains of Japan and is located in the northern part of the South Alps. It’s called “the queen of South Alps” because of its graceful mountain scenery.

甲斐駒ヶ岳から見た仙丈ケ岳のサムネイルPhoto 1: Senjo-ga-take seen from the middle of Mt. Kai-koma-ga-take. It is before 8 o’clock in the morning, but the greenery of the trees is bright due to the midsummer sunshine. (2016/8/4)

夏の朝日を受ける仙丈ケ岳のサムネイルPhoto 2: Senjo-ga-take seen from the shoulder of Mt. Kita-dake, receiving the rising sun. The time to feel that “a day in the mountains begins”. (2017/8/2)

秋の仙丈ケ岳と甲斐駒ヶ岳のサムネイルPhoto 3: Autumn Senjo-ga-take seen from the ridge from Sanpuku Pass to Mt. Shiomi. The white summit on the far right is Mt. Kai-koma-ga-take. (2019/10/10)

夕陽を受ける仙丈ケ岳のサムネイルPhoto 4: Senjo-ga-take dyed in the setting sun, seen from the hill above the Shiomi hut. The expression of the mountain is really diverse. (2019/10/9)

秋の仙丈ケ岳のサムネイルPhoto 5: Autumn Senjo-ga-take seen from Kotaro Ridge on the north side of Mt. Kita-dake. Soon, the South Alps will be covered with snow. (1999/10/22)

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Meet the Queen’s true face at the top of the mountain.

The altitude of Senjo-ga-take is 3033m. Although it looks calm, it is a 3000m-class mountain in the South Alps. To reach the top of this mountain, you need climbing equipment and attitude.

The area around the summit is a curled terrain that is said to be a trace of glacial landforms. From the top of the mountain, you can see the mountains in the northern part of the South Alps.

Senjo-ga-take was rich in alpine plants. And it has been selected as one of the “100 Mountains of Flowers”. However, the deer’s feeding damage became serious and the flower field near the top of the mountain disappeared. Currently, plant conservation activities are being carried out, but it is said that recovery will take time.

*The following two spherical panoramic photos can be viewed on a wider screen by clicking or tapping “THETA” at the bottom left of the photo.

この写真は、Webサイト『絶景360』の一部です。『絶景360』は、こちら(からご覧いただけます。 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Spherical panoramic photo at the summit of Mt. Senjo-ga-take in the early morning. (Photo: 2016/8/3)

この写真は、Webサイト『絶景360』の一部です。日本語版は、こちら(からご覧いただけます。 This photo is part of the website “”. English version URL is – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Spherical panoramic photo at the summit of Mt. Senjo-ga-take in the early morning. (With mountain name)

Mountain area

Northern part of Japan South Alps.

How to access to Mt. Senjo-ga-take

(1) Whether enter from Yamanashi prefecture or Nagano prefecture, go to Kitazawa Pass by bus. Private cars are closed all year round. It takes 4 to 5 hours to walk the mountain trail from Kitazawa Pass to the summit.
(2) The route from Mt. Ai-no-take via Senshio Ridge is long and only for advanced climbers.

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