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Administrator profile

Nickname: Shimo-san
Real name: Akira Shimojima

I was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1960. Graduated from art university. After working for a company of design and architecture, I became a freelance writer. Then I used to write about PC and IT. Currently, I am managing “” and “”. “” is a Japanese website, introducing good examples of IT, eco, and architecture. Climbing and photography were my hobbies, but now they are merging with my main business.

Like: Travel, superb view.
Weak: Very hot foods.
Ambition: Peaceful world with ZEKKEIs.

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Note: I’m a Japanese writer and not a native English speaker. So if you notice any mistakes or unnatural expressions in English on this website, please let me know using contact form. Thank you.

Operating firm

Firm name: Studio Entrata.
Representative: Akira Shimojima
Location: Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan.


In July 1991, Akira Shimojima started a content production business as a freelance writer. And, established a personal office Studio Entrata.

Business content

  1. Planning and operation of website “” and “”.
  2. Writing and editing of magazine articles, books, and web contents.
  3. Copywriting for advertisements.

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