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ブログ しもさん サムネール1Photo 1: At the top of Tateyama, this is one of the most popular mountains in Japan. The main peak of Tateyama is Oyama. However, the altitude of this Mt.O-nanji is 12m higher. (2018/10/03)

ブログ しもさん サムネイル画像2Photo 2: At Mt.Kurofu, the outer ring of Mt.Asama. It is known as a lookout point for Mt.Asama. Since Mt.Asama is a volcano, we will climb Mt.Kurofu instead (2018/10/16)

ブログ しもさん サムネイル画像3Photo 3: At the Sugoroku plateau of Mt.Sugoroku in the North Alps of Japan. If you turn around here, you can see the beautiful Mt.Yari directly in front of you. (2019/8/6)

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Welcome to I’m Shimo-san, the administrator of this website.

Shimo-san is a nickname and my real name is Shimojima Akira. Shimojima is the family name and Akira is the first name. In Japan, the family name is usually mentioned first. And the first name later. Few people have a middle name.

Also, in Japan, it is not common to call each other by their first name. Usually, the family name is given a honorific title. There are several titles in Japanese, but the most common one is “san”. “San” is widely used like “Mr.” and “Ms.”.

“San” is a convenient title and can be used by men and women, older and younger people. Also, it is often attached to the company name, occupation, and position. For example, SONY-san or Syacho-san. Syacho means the president of a company in Japanese.

So in Japan I’m usually called Shimojima-san. However, it is a little difficult to pronounce. Therefore, close friends are abbreviated as Shimo-san. Only relatives call me Akira in my first name.

If you don’t mind, please call me “Shimo-san” like my friends. Or, if you still have difficulty pronouncing, just call me “Shiiimo”.

By the way, in Japanese, mountains are called “yama” or “san”. For example, Mt.Fuji is called Fuji-san by Japanese people. The word “san”, which means mountain, and the title “san” are different words, but the pronunciation is exactly the same.

Well, don’t worry too much about Japanese, first of all, I hope you enjoy this website.

see you.  Shimo-san

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