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This website mainly publishes photographs of Japanese major mountains and 360 degree spherical photographs taken at the summit of them. I hope many of you will enjoy the magnificent view of Japan. This website has started from my experience below.

To climbers who descented the mountain without going to the summit that day.

Kamikochi Bus Terminal.

Kami-kochi Bus Terminal.

At the end of September 2016, I entered the Hotaka mountain range from Kami-kochi of fine weather. Kami-kochi is one of the best mountain resort areas in Japan. And Mt. Hotaka is a mountain very popular among mountaineers in the north Alps of Japan.

On the second day, when I left Dakesawa mountain hut, it began to rain. The summit of Mt. Mae-hotaka was covered with fog. In the storm, I passed through the dangerous ridgeline Tsurione, struggled and arrived at Hotakadake Sansou hut.

The terrace of Hotakadake mountain hut of rain.

The terrace of Hotakadake Sansou hut in rain.

There was an elderly climber group from Hokkaido in the hut. Hokkaido is an island in the northern part of Japan. They climbed from Karasawa Cirque in the rain. They said “Tomorrow, We are going to go to the summit of Mt.Oku-hotaka and then descend.”

On the third day, it was raining heavily from the morning. People from Hokkaido gave up going to the summit and went down the mountain. They were unable to extend their tour, because the schedule of the return flight was confirmed.

I also planned to go down the mountain this day. However, according to the weather forecast, the weather seems to get better only for one day tomorrow. I decided to stay, believing in this forecast. Then I sent an e-mail to business partner saying, “business trip is extended a day.” (lol

On the fourth day, it was fine from early morning. I saw the rising sun on the terrace of the mountain hut and enjoyed the magnificent scenery at the summit of Mt.Oku-hotaka and Mt. Mae-hotaka. I saw many famous Japanese mountains, and got great pleasure and deep satisfaction.

When the weather is bad in the mountains, they say that means “Please come back.” The mountain is always there. But, how many people from Hokkaido by plane can come again to Mt. Hotaka?

The summit of Mt. Oku-hotaka in the clear autumn weather.

The summit of Mt. Oku-hotaka in the clear autumn weather.

You can see all the spherical pictures taken at the summit of Mt.Oku-hotaka on this page. Full spherical picture is a panoramic photograph taken not only 360 degree in the horizontal direction but also from the overhead sky to ground. I would like to dedicate this photo to the climbers who went down in the rain that day.

Then, please enjoy the superb spherical photographs on this site.

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