1. [Mt. Yari] A spectacular view of the Northern Alps at the summit of spear.

  2. [Mt. Fuji] A panoramic photo of the highest point in Japan and a spectacular view of the sunrise.

  3. [Mt. Houei] A huge crater at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji and a superb view from its edge

  4. [Mt. Ko-kumotori] Enjoy the healing mountaintop space surrounded by trees.

  5. [Mt. Kumotori] A wonderful view from the highest point in Tokyo.

  6. [Mt. Nanatsuishi] Overlooking Mt. Kumotori and Ishione from the popular peak in Okutama.

  7. [Mt. Takao] A world record mountain with an altitude of 599m listed in the Michelin Guide.

  8. [Mt. Jinba] Climb easily and enjoy the spectacular view at the open summit.

  9. [Mt. Kaikoma] A very cool mountain in the Southern Alps of Japan

  10. [Mae-hotaka] Superb view from the most stylish mountain in the Hotaka mountain range.

  11. [Senjo-ga-take] At the summit called the Queen of South Alps.

  12. [Oku-hotaka] A perfect view at the highest peak of North Alps.

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